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An order placed in our warehouse store with perfumes and cosmetics – ParfumNET are executed according to the order of their reception. Preparing and sending a paid order usually takes 2-3 days, if this time due to the large amount of orders is to be extended, a client is informed about it.

Delivery cost of a parcel weighing up to 30 kg (approximately 70 Pcs. of perfumes) to some countries is given in the table below, the delivery time is 2-3 working days. Shipping of a pallet is valued individually, taking into account weight, dimensions and the value of the ordered perfumes or cosmetics, delivery time is 5-6 days. Delivery costs are borne by the purchaser, they are included in the pro forma invoice.

Shipment and insurance of goods during transport are organized, on behalf of the purchaser, by the perfume wholesale ParfumNET. Smaller orders are shipped via courier company – DPD, pallets are sent through Raben.

Cost and time of delivery to selected countries:

Austria18 €2-3 days
Belgium18 €2-3 days
Bulgaria34 €3-4 days
Czech Republic18 €2-3 days
Denmark18 €2-3 days
Estonia20 €2-3 days
Finland30 €3-4 days
France22 €3-4 days
Germany18 €2-3 days
Greece34 €4-5 days
Hungary24 €2-3 days
Ireland34 €3-4 days
Italy24 €3-4 days
Latvia18 €2-3 days
Lithuania18 €2-3 days
Netherlands20 €2-3 days
Norway48 € + 40 € customs clearance5-6 days
Portugal36 €3-4 days
Romania34 €3-4 days
Slovakia17 €2-3 days
Slovenia28 €3-4 days
Spain32 €3-4 days
Sweden26 €2-3 days
Switzerland36 € + 40 € customs clearance5-6 days
United Kingdom15 £3-4 days


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