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Placing an order in our perfumes wholesale warehouse store does not require registration or submission of company documents. A company making an order is obliged to comply with the law in its country, in particular relating to the rules of the purchase and sale of perfumes and cosmetics within the European Community. ParfumNET sells goods with 0% VAT to the customers with European VAT number, the purchaser of the goods must pay VAT in the country where the goods were delivered after selling the perfumes or cosmetics purchased from us. UK customers receive an invoice with VAT.

Ordering goods in our perfumes and cosmetics wholesale warehouse ParfumNET
-download the appropriate price list from our website. The price lists are updated twice a day, so before placing an order, you must download the current one,
-enter the quantity of the ordered products to the price list and save it on a disk. Remember, that a minimal order of each price list is 500 €,
-send a price list with your order to
-if you order for the first time, please send also your company name, address, VAT number, first name, last name, and phone number of a person placing an order.

Note: roughly 50% of perfumes sold by us comes from the USA. These products are decoded, or have additional code on the packaging indicating that the primary market that they were meant for were the United States. Some countries prohibit the sale of not EAN Clean  products in retail stores. If you are interested in purchasing only perfumes and cosmetics EAN Clean (not decoded) send this information by email. We will send you a pro forma invoice only for the EAN Clean products.

Acceptance of the ParfumNET order
After received an email with order, the ordered perfumes and cosmetics are reserved and prepared for shipment. After completing an order, usually the next day, we issue a pro forma invoice and send it to you by e-mail.

The invoice includes all the information necessary to submit a SEPA transfer – our account number in IBAN format as well as BIC / SWIFT code. The SEPA transfer in majority of banks costs about 1€, if the SEPA transfer will be made until 12 p.m, then we should have a payment on our account the next day.

A shipment of an order placed in our warehouse store with perfumes and cosmetics
After a payment is received, an order is packed and ready for shipment. The order of the English storehouse is usually sent the next business day, while sending from Polish storehouse happens within two business days, since the goods must go through customs storehouse before being sold by our English company.

After sending an order, we will send you an e-mail with information on through which courier service the order was shipped, a tracking number and a link to track your delivery.

Modification of orders
Please, place your orders carefully. After placing an order you can modify, increase or decrease the number of ordered products, only if this change exceeds the value of 500 €. Small changes are not possible because, every time, such a change requires repetition of the entire procedure of blocking product, unpacking and repacking, and issuing another pro forma invoice.

Cancelling orders
Information on the intention of canceling an order must be sent to us by e-mail. You cannot cancel an order that has already been sent (received by an employee of a courier company). Due to order handling costs, we charge an additional fee of 3% of the value of the canceled orders, to the next order placed by that customer.

Return of goods
The warehouse store with perfumes and cosmetics ParfumNET does not accept return of goods if a delivery was carried out in accordance with the order placed by a customer.

All the perfumes and cosmetics sent by us are, on client’s behalf, insured against damage and theft during transportation. In the case of receipt of the damaged delivery, it must be opened in the presence of the courier and a report and photo documentation should be drafted. Lack of such documentation prevents claims from the insurance company. A complaint should be sent to us via e-mail within two days after receiving delivery.

In case of stating  deficiencies or damage of perfumes or cosmetics after receiving a delivery from the courier,  a complaint should be sent to us within two days after its receipt. This type of complaints are dealt with individually.

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